Sunday, July 10, 2011

Green Lantern - The Movie!

I got to see the Green Lanter movie yesterday. First I was mildly distressed at how hard it was to find it on a screen in my area. It was only playing one screen in one theater in another (close) town. The main theater of the area has already relegated the flick to one showing at night. I was surprised.

But having seen it, I will report that it was entertaining. I'm not a huge Green Lantern fan at all. Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern I give a fudge about, but for whatever reason I've never really plugged into his adventures the way I have Barry Allen's Flash or the Justice League as a whole.

That said, the movie's first hour is a cracking great bit of entertainment, with a fantastic blend of sci-fi and soap opera and a great balance as the story skipped from one element to the other. The last half gets a bit soggier, but is still very diverting with some fantastic effects.

I don't love the costume, but I don't hate it either. I found it oddly distracting at times. It does work much better on the other members of the Lantern corp who are so offbeat that the costume doesn't stand out as a distinct element. Sinestro is fantastic, easily the most interesting of all the Lanterns, and that tag ending (stay through the closing credits I assume everyone knows) is predictable but still quite neat to see.

We needed a bit more of Abin Sur, to establish as a character on his own, but it's easy to see why they didn't have time. And that's an issue of course with any of these films, especially the "origin" stories, time is just so precious. Carol Ferris worked very well for me as did "Pieface" who of course is never called anything like that. He does disappear in the last reel, but I assume a sequel will solve that.

Hopefully business will be such that a sequel will be done. I want to see the sequel more than I want to see the first one. As I said, Sinestro is fantastic.

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