Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mr.Wilson's Kong!

United States 1968

Perhaps my single favorite comic book of all time is the King Kong adaptation by Gold Key from 1968. Not only does it offer up my very first experience with the mighty ape way back then, long before I'd be able to see the movie. But it is rich with artwork from the Alberto Giolitti studio. To get a good look of that see this link.
Here's a glimpse.

But the real stunner on this artifact is the George Wilson cover. Wilson did many a fine cover for Gold Key during his career, but this one featuring a distinctive King Kong is perhaps the best. It's dramatic and powerful. Kong is that hybrid creature he is in the classic movie, neither a real ape nor anything truly human. Something other, and utterly savage.

The comic was reprinted by Whitman during the 70's in connection with the DeLaurentis remake. It also was reprinted overseas and south of the border.

Here is a gallery of George Wilson's artwork from across North America and Europe.






United States 1976 Large

Rip Off

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