Friday, August 6, 2010

King Kong - Viva Il Rè!

Here's a link to Alberto Giolitti's 1960's comic book adaptation of classic 1933 King Kong.

Actually, this is an adaptation of the Delos W. Lovelace novel adaptation of the movie (credited to Edgar Wallace who started it but died soon into the process) since the rights at the time for the film proper were unavailable. (Ironically Merian C. Cooper had those novel rights, but alas not the rights to his most famous movie creation.) This novel was one of the few ways to get access to the story for many a moon, at least for me and this story made a big impact on how I understood the Kong story.

Cover by George Wilson

The Kong here is pretty different in many ways from the screen creation, and Giolitti and his studio were either completely unaware of the classic look for Kong or were ordered to reinvent the look of the giant ape for this comic.

Alberto Giolitti and his assistants supplied a ton of artwork for Gold Key comics, most significantly Turok Son of Stone and Star Trek. Giolitti has a muscular style, highly distinctive.

Below are some sample pages of the story. You might notice that the comic is in Italian (Giolitti's native tongue), as this story was reprinted all over the world. But if like me, you don't really need words to follow the story of Kong, I think you might enjoy this somewhat different excursion onto Skull Island.

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