Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Incredible Steranko!

This Bronze Age British Hulk cover seems at first glance to be adapted from the iconic Jim Steranko-Marie Severin cover for King-Size Hulk Special #1 from 1968.

It's not.

The Brit cover seems rather to have been adapted from the original Steranko artwork for the King-Size Special cover, the artwork not retouched by Marie Severin. Check out that face.

Steranko's original has lots of potency, but frankly I think that Marie Severin's alterations to the Hulk's head add some drama. The Steranko face is too beastly, and lacks the human component to give the image the necessary connection for the audience.

Rip Off


  1. Thanks for posting that Mighty World Of Marvel cover, Rip! I owned it back in the day but no longer have it... and I'd totally forgotten it until now! It was probably the first time I ever saw Steranko's artwork, even in adapted form :-)
    Lovely stuff!

  2. The King-Size Annual was one of my first ones and such a powerful cover really makes an impact on a youthful memory.

    Rip Off