Sunday, January 16, 2011

Poteye The Sailor Man!

The successful "Sailor Man" requires a methodical and rational approach to maintaining his access to the "good stuff".

Getting "good seeds" is the key to a "good crop". Acquiring these from a reliable source can take enormous effort and must be done with all due stealth.

"The grower" must be sure to prepare the land, preferably in an isolated location to avoid the gaze of "the authorities".

If it is necessary to use others to work on the "project" then care must be taken as to their reliability. They should not be the nervous type, who jump at the first sign of "trouble".

Once the "crop" is in, it must be tended and special care taken to see it gets enough moisture to "mature" properly.

Be patient and don't partake of "the product" too soon. It must ripen to offer up its richest bounty to the "consumer".

If due diligence is taken in the growing of the "product" then a good "crop" will result and the grower then has a wonderful opportunity for "profits".

Sometimes the "crop" must be grown indoors, away from prying eyes. These situations require even more attention to detail minus the good graces of "Mother Nature".

But as always a good and vigorous "yield" will result from good and reliable effort. Be careful in "the harvest".

After all this effort the grower is at last able to enjoy the "fruits" of his labors. All "this writer" can say is enjoy.

The results of a worthy crop can "grow" you beyond your wildest dreams. Getting the "good stuff" is always worth it.

For more on this somewhat on-the-nose connection see this article.

Rip Off


  1. Wow, I never knew Spinach wasn't really spinach. Popeye should be the spokesman for the Green Party!

  2. Popeye says: "Oh, my God, Olive! I can see battleships firing in me arm muss-cles!"


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