Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The All-Winners Squad - Part 2 "The Green Plague!"

The Golden Age adventure "The Riddle of the Demented Dwarf" continues with its second chapter starring Joe Simon and Jack Kirby's WWII Timely creations Captain America and Bucky.

Otto Binder is the writer and Vince Alascia and Syd Shores do the art chores.

Brace yourself as Cap and Bucky protect Europe from the vile threat of the "Green Plague".

That threat has been averted. But return next time for a trip to South America where The Whizzer has to deal with "Destruction in Slow Motion".

Rip Off


  1. If I ever knew that Binder worked for Timely during ths period, I'd forgotten it! Good stuff. Timely heroes always had a freneticism that other companies' star performers seemed to lack.

  2. "Frenetic" is a good word for it. There's sometimes the feeling that they wanted to keep it moving so that the reader didn't have time to get distracted. A "Keep them entertained at all costs before this whole shebang goes under" attitude almost.

    Rip Off


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