Monday, November 29, 2010


I adore old comics, and that is not just for the characters and the stories, but for all the details that come with the vintage books. Letter columns were a product of the 60's, a recognition and validation of the change in comic book buyers, who had quit so much being youngsters looking for some cheap entertainment and was becoming more and more the fanboy who was looking for a connection with something greater and more lasting.

Letter column titles were one of the details of old comics that I always looked forward to. What would the new book on the stands use, what clever play on the character or the setting would they use.

Above is a smattering of Charlton letter column headers. Here is a link toThe Comic Book Letterhead Museum, a blog where a Charlton, along with DC and Marvel letter column headers are celebrated.

And among old letter column names this one is easily the most prophetic.

Rip Off

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