Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cartoon Ads For The Ages!

Neal Adams

Gil Kane

This gallery features some of the of the wonderful Saturday morning cartoon ads from my memory. They were resplendent, tucked away in the middle of a typical comic book of the time, singing the praises of vivid animated treasures to be found only only on Saturday morning. While it's nice to have whole cable networks dedicated to cartoons these days, having them in a special place for a limited time gave them a gleam they alas lack I think today. Cartoons are too commonplace these days to have the luster they once held in the young imagination. And ads pointing to these tiny pockets of imagination and wonder were really signposts for adventure. That is especially true when you have such comics stalwarts as Neal Adams and Gil Kane illustrating the ads.

Rip Off


  1. I remember all but one of these ads, and the same goes for the shows they depict. Man, did I ever watch a lot of television! Fortunately, I kicked the habit sometime before there were any Muppet Babies or things called "Wuzzles" getting underfoot...

  2. These vintage ads really take me back. Cartoons were my entry into comics and sci-fi and whatnot, and they have a real nostalgic tug on me.

    I miss when Saturdays were special.

    Rip Off


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