Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bob Larkin!

Bob Larkin is one of the fine cover artists of our generation. He's done countless memorable covers for Marvel, Warren, and others. His run of Doc Savage covers alone shows his great skills. Right now he and his wife are going through a very tough time and could use some help. To see how you might be able to help and perhaps score a great bit of Larkin artwork check out this link:


Rip Off


  1. What's that Fantastic Four cover from?

  2. "What's that Fantastic Four cover from?"

    Both that and the Doctor Strange are from a series of trade paperbacks from Fireside Books (Pocket Books) reprinting 1960s stories.
    The books were published in 1978-1981.
    Others in the series included Spider-Man and Captain America (all with Larkin covers)
    The same publisher also did the original-material Silver Surfer Graphic Novel by Lee & Kirby as well as the Origins of Marvel reprint series and How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way!

  3. I've added the Fireside Spidey book to the gallery. One source though listed Dave Cockrum as the artist on the Cap book.

    Rip Off


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