Friday, October 8, 2010

Tarzan Black & White!

Russ Manning

Neal Adams

John Buscema

John Celardo

Hal Foster

Frank Frazetta

Mike Hoffman

Burne Hogarth

Roy Krenkel

Joe Kubert

Pablo Marcos

Alex Nino

Nestor Redondo


Tom Yeates

Above is a gallery of black and white interpretations of the classic ERB Apeman by some outstanding artists! Many of these give us Tarzan as the superman of the veldt--whether it's Mannings sleek hero, or the powerful figure by Adams, or even Hoffman's perfect man.

And while I have a fundamental adoration for Kubert's somber take on Tarzan, and I find Frazetta's bristling with energy, it's Tom Yeates, evoking the spirit of Krenkel, who I think blends the classic with the modern to find a Lord of the Jungle who really seems to breathe like a real being. But none of these are weak in the least, all are fabulous in their way.

Rip Off


  1. Thank you for the fine interpretation comparisons!

    I'm wondering if the famous last panel of Bob Kane's "Batman" origin was a swipe from that Hal Foster drawing?!

  2. Thanks. The artists are fantastic!

    I've see some convincing evidence that Kane was heavy into swiping Foster and others. This website does a fantastic job of detailing the swipes.

    Rip Off

  3. Love the brushes on that top one, though the Kubert pencil is my fave of this great bunch!


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