Thursday, August 19, 2010

Monster Masterworks!

I love this cover image by Walt Simonson. Monster Masterworks was one of the very first trades I ever bought, as at that time I was fully dedicated to the purity of the monthly comic. I eschewed the high-priced tomes that wanted to pretend to be actual books and distance themselves from the lowly comic.

But time has mended my thinking, along with ever-increasing prices and I find that trades especially the black and white monster collections like Essential and Showcase offer up the rare true bargains in modern comics reading.

The lowly comic book is a thing of my past as I currently get not a single one regularly.

But all that said, that's still a kickass Simonson cover! For the record the monsters featured are Fin Fang Foom, Groot, Glob/Glop, Two-Headed Thing, Sporr, and X The Thing that Lived.

Rip Off

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