Monday, August 30, 2010

Kong -- King Of Cars?

Above is a ludicrous image from somewhere, of a statue of the mighty Kong (looks like Son of Kong really) holding up the awesome VW Bug.

Here is the famous commercial featuring Kong for Volkswagen. The stop-motion work on this mini-classic was done by the late Dave Allen, who worked on lots of stuff before his untimely death, but is probably most famous for Equinox.

Here is a wacky commercial featuring Kong and Son. It's kind of funny actually. The expressions are wonderful.

And here is a model featuring the mighty King Kong as a drag racer, in case you were wondering how that might look.

For more views see this link.

What does the mighty King Kong think of all these attempts to merchandise his awe-inspiring image?


Rip Off


  1. The statue of Kong is in either Leicester or Salisbury, Vermont....right on the major N/S highway in Vermont...


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