Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back To School!

It's over! The longest summer vacation of my life is sadly at an end, and today I report back to my job at the local high school. Usually I work summer school or some other duty and end up with about two weeks off each year, but this one I've been lollygagging around the homebase for a couple of months.

As it turns out my wife has been quite sick, in and out of the hospital and currently recuperating from a fall. I've been needed each day to care for her and today will see how ready she is to fend for herself a little bit.

But despite that, it's been good to be away from the grind for so long. My mind has somewhat healed from the stress of what has become sadly a very bad teaching job. Once a great place to work, the current environment is quite hostile, and I have to say that the time away has been very refreshing.

But it's over today and I wander back to find out what tomfoolery the powers-that-be-for-now have concocted to make what is actually a fairly straightforward task into a
tribulation of lunacy.

Wish me luck!

Rip Off

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