Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fighting Fire!

I was trying to think of the comic books dedicated to firefighters.

There's Danny Blaze from Charlton which ran two issues in 1955.

There's "Firefighters" from the 1956 debut issue of Showcase by DC Comics. Here's a link with more on that story. Fireman Farrell only ever showed up one more time, in Showcase #100 as far as I know.

Emergency was a hit TV show in the middle 70's and spawned two series from Charlton, one a regular size comic and a magazine.

Both series ran for four issues. Here's a link with much more on that show.

And after 9-11 Marvel published several comics in a group titled The Call of Duty which dealt with first-responders. One series of six issues focused on firefighters.

But that's all I can think of.

The fireman is regarded as the iconic hero in domestic American life, the person who puts his or her life on the line when help is needed and there's no time to ask. During lean economic times it's easy to forget the essential nature of a fire department. During 9-11 these guys were deified, now I sense this public servant and public service in general is about to be coming under fire as money for such services tightens. It's now when times are tough that we need to remember those who put their lives on the line.

This nation is great at spouting platitudes about heroes, but many of the most boisterous are very grouchy indeed when the taxman comes to pay the bill to support those heroes. No one debates taxes when the house is afire.

But that's enough of my rant.

Rip Off

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