Saturday, April 1, 2017

The House Of Doom!

This month will have a focus on the Fantastic Four's top bad guy Doctor Doom. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in Fantastic Four five, Doc Doom has become Marvel's top villain, a mastermind of evil who rules his tiny land of Latveria with an iron fist and who plots constantly to take over the globe, all of it to soothe his wounded vanity. Expect to see a new and different Doc Doom cover by Jack Kirby each day in the "Favorite Cover" feature. Also Victor Von Doom will be featured as we take a look at his various appearances over the years in places like of course the Fantastic Four, but also Astonishing Tales, The Avengers and Super-Villian Team-Up alongside Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner and such like. Doctor Doom was and  is a very popular bad man.

Another thing to look for this month are some reviews of Godzilla movies. I've been gathering up a heaping helping of the Heisei movies and enjoying them. The "Big G" is very much of the moment these days having been rebooted and revived just a few years ago and getting literally a shout out in the latest King Kong epic. I'll be taking a look at that Kong movie too by the way.

Expect a lot of different things this month as I catch up after a theme heavy month or two in February and March -- from ERB to Berni Wrightson to Flash Gordon to  maybe some Flectcher Pratt, to even a few takes on current events. All this and likely more such bad guy classics like Secret Society of Super-Villains and other oddball stuff too, as the month of April unfolds. It's looking to be a very eclectic month.  No fooling!

Rip Off


  1. Dr. Doom is a favorite of mine because he thinks himself the hero and despite his villainy the FF has been able to work with him on occasion. He has a certain nobility. I like villains that can walk that tightrope

    1. Good villains are the making of a good hero. Without a nemesis they lack the luster they need. Doom is such a villain, because as you so correctly state, he's the hero in his own mind and the rest of us are just extras in his narrative.

      Rip Off


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