Monday, May 5, 2014


Rocke Mastroserio
Reptilicus is a guilty pleasure; here's my review from a few years ago. Produced in the wake of the success of Godzilla, this Danish entry into the monster sweepstakes is one of those movies that is beloved for its zany treatment and for its mildly ridiculous monster.

Looking much less ridiculous on the comic page though, Reptilicus was adapted by Charlton Comics. The story, which cleaves reasonably closely to the original story is below.  The comic story was written by Charlton iron man Joe Gill after the screenplay by Ib Melchior based on the story by producer Sid Pink. The pictures are by pencil artist Bill Molno with Vince Alascia on inks. The late great Rocke Mastroserio provided the exciting cover!

Today marks the end of the fifth year and the beginning of the sixth for the Dojo. Thanks to all who have shown up here and contributed or merely perused in the last half decade. It's all appreciated.

And now Reptilicus!

Charlton produced one more issue of Reptilicus, again featuring artwork by Bill Molno though the script is uncertain, it was likely Joe Gill yet again.

Dick Giordano
After the second issue, Sid Pink took issue with Charlton and they had to change the name of the series to "Reptisaurus" and it continued for six more issues. Unlike Gorgo and Konga, Reptilicus was not blessed by the artwork of Steve Ditko and so alas is often overlooked and has not been reprinted in any reliable format.

Rip Off


  1. Even with the silly plots in Gorgo the Ditko art made it fun, but this dreck, phew. FYI this is a great blog and I love the way you do your links too.

    1. Thanks. I like the art better than you do. Molno is a pretty basic artist, but he gets the job done.

      Rip Off

  2. Happy anniversary, sir!

    Personally, I've long felt as though Molno must be the single DULLEST comic book artist ever but then I remind myself that I used to feel that way about Dick Giordano until I saw him away from Charlton. Now I'm a huge fan!


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