Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Usual Suspects!

This cover for Justice Traps the Guilty from Prize Comics features a cover by artist Marvin Stein. As promised by the title a  woman is identifying one man in the police line up as the guilty party. It turns out that tall perpetrator is modeled on editor Joe Simon. Also in this motley crew are a bunch of comic book talents. From left to right you have Ben Oda, Simon, Joe Genola, Mort Meskin and Jack Kirby. A lovely and daffy bit of comic book nonsense.

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby had appeared on their comics before, the one above an issue of Headline Comics which showcases Kirby as the hood and an edited Joe Simon as the cop.

According to some, the duo are on call again in the very next issue as a hold up is about to be foiled.

Seeing artists in comics is always a neat thing, and was made very famous at Marvel some years later. But as we see, it's a practice which had been going on for quite some time.

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