Monday, June 12, 2017

The Twelve - Spearhead!

While The Twelve languished in comic book limbo, the artist Chris Weston produced a very handsome and compelling installment all on his own. It's a prequel of sorts which takes the story of our twelve Golden Age heroes right back to the days just before they fell into suspended animation in the Nazi controlled Berlin. We see lots of things which, if not mysteries, were questions about the characters as they roll into the occupied city alongside the United States army. This is danged fine story and I wanted more of it. It also features Captain America, The Human Torch, and other Timely heroes not part of the primary Twelve. Neat stuff! It was a shame and pity that this remarkable series fell on such hard times, because I wouldn't have waited all these years to read it.

And while I'm talking up The Twelve, two comics to look out for are the zero and one half issues which offered up some tasty Golden Age reprints starring some of the heroes. In the former we get stories about The Phantom Detective, Rockman and the Laughing Mask. In the latter we get the Firey Mask, Mister E and another Rockman advnture. Grand stuff and neat peak into how things were done long long ago in an industry far away.

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