Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Skull Island Saga!

When I first started my visit to Skull Island it was only supposed to be a six-issue cruise, but then Boom Studios expanded the story of how King Kong came to be the center of a cult on a lost island of forgotten natives. And Kong of Skull Island does move the story line along very neatly, getting to a logical end point by its twelfth and seemingly final issue. I first thought I wouldn't follow along on this extended journey after being less than completely gobsmacked by the first half dozen issues (go here for my review) but I found I didn't want to miss these details and allow inertia to let the issues collect up. Now I've taken them and read them through, and once again it 's a mixed bag. The artwork is lush and in places quite stunning, doing a decent job of moving between human scale and monster scale. But also once again the character designs are so muddled that keeping track of individuals is downright difficult to do. A lack of captioning undermines storytelling which seems to rely on subtle clues to the detriment of clarity. So at many points in the story you're not sure who someone is and what they are trying to do. Even the Kong's getting confusing in places, and yes there are multiple Kongs. I  do like whee this story ends up and it does a dandy job of getting the pieces into position as it is based on Joe DeVito's more recent origin of King Kong. These are not bad comics by any means but a little confusing and that's a shame.

Rip Off

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