Friday, June 30, 2017

Simon & Kirby - The Golden Age!

"Simon and Kirby" was an absolute brand name in the Golden Age of comics, one which promised effective storytelling and slam bang action. Jules Feiffer says of them in The Great Comic Book Heroes "no one put quite as much anatomy into a hero as Simon and Kirby". In an era when talent was painfully anonymous and actively treated like replaceable cogs in a vast machine, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby managed to get their names out there and establish a special look and feel for comics which superseded the publishers who put the books out. Here are some of my favorite Golden Age covers from the team, spanning the the years 1940 to 1950 when they moved about the field with vigor and generated scores if not hundreds of covers. We have some just by Joe Simon included but most feature the specific energy of the most dynamic duo of the Golden Age.

Rip Off

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