Monday, June 26, 2017

Fine Art Of The Fourth World!

In a combination Birthday-Father's Day present to myself (I deserve it don't you know) I picked up the latest Fourth World artist's edition from IDW, The Forever People. These handsome oversize volumes collect up and publish select stories from Jack "King" Kirby's Fourth World saga. Already published in years past are a New Gods volume and a Mister Miracle volume. These are hefty books and they command a hefty price, but for this fanboy of the Fourth World it's a sheer delight to get a look at the King's work, work which is so very personal to me, in such a fascinating format.

For those not of a Fourth World frame of mind, I remind you of IDW's other Kirby offerings. There is Jack Kirby Pencils and Inks which published the complete debut issues of both Kamandi and The Demon. And speaking of the former, there are two full volumes with early Kamandi stories represented. The two Kamandi tomes I do not have, but maybe someday.

For more detail on what is in each of these IDW Artist Editions check out this link.

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