Friday, June 23, 2017

E-Man Strikes Again!

Callooh! Callay! He chortled in his joy!

I love E-Man. The Bronze Age creation of Nick Cuti and Joe Staton for Charlton has had a very interesting publishing life and I've tried my best to be there for each and every stop along the way. The character originated at Charlton in the early 70's, moved to First, then to Comico, then to Apple, and then Alpha and Digital Webbing. He's also made cameos in a host of publications from Mad Magazine to several Indie comics. Most recently the character has moved in to The Charlton Arrow, Mort Todd's attempt to revitalize many of the classic Charlton characters alongside new ones which evoke the same spirit.

(Joe Staton art featuring E-Man, Nova Kane, Yang and Liberty Belle)
It has been announced now that The Charlton Arrow is itself moving to AC Comics, the outfit started by Bill Black and which itself once harbored many of the Charlton characters before they shuttled off to DC and elsewhere. The chance to get my mitts on a new E-Man comic is too juicy. I can hardly wait!

Rip Off

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