Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Day In The Anti-Life - Small Men!

The "Chattering Class" is fascinated with itself and chief among its number are the denizens of the White House press corp. Since they often conflate what is of key interest to them with what is of key interest to the majority of the country, they spend way too much time talking about personalities in and around the shadows of the White House. An analysis of a lapse in the President's responsibility to communicate with the public is transformed into a battle of personalities and overlong and overwrought talk about who is up and down in the "People's House". The stature of Shawn Spicer is in particular discussed and he seems at this juncture to have been disappeared totally. The blow up with a reporter a few days ago seems emblematic of the breakdown.

Likewise our current "So-Called" President has diminished those who serve at his pleasure by demanding public kowtows such as the recent obsequious Cabinet meeting in which the participants were one-by-one called upon to praise the "Leader". Such behavior is grotesque and embarrassing for Americans, especially Americans who tout liberty and evoke the Founders, characters who were far from ass-kissers of the their government. The swoon of Congress too has belittled them as their avarice and clear intention to suspend all objections and move forward on a healthcare plan that is likely to gut the party. They are willing to cut loose their moral compasses for the simple fact that such brazen cuts are necessary to get the tax cut their one-percenter masters demand.

And so the era of Trump has in exceedingly fast order diminished much of what was once held out as worthy. Public discourse is diminished, public service is demeaned, and our illustrious history is belittled as the lives of those who have come before and defended this land are disregarded. Their sacrifice is forgotten as the powers-that-be publicly suck the cock of the man who would be king.

UPDATE: As if to prove my point today long after I'd posted this item our "so-called" President tweeted this.

Rip Off


  1. Lately, I’m feeling just really worn-out and tired from the daily feces spewed forth by the Trump Nonsense Machine. It just doesn’t seem to end. I guess I’m more sad that people elected this cretin in the first place. Occasionally too I still run into misguided acquaintances and family members who think this conman is just what America needs – and I’m left to ponder just what the Hell is wrong with these people? How do we re-educate these Trumpian acolytes? What are they so afraid of? How did their values get so far afield from mine? Maybe I don’t belong in this country any more. Costa Rica is supposed to be nice…The Netherlands is supposedly the 10th most democratic country in the world (and I like the whole bikes vs. cars thing…) I’m tired – and just I don’t see a quick fix down the road for this nonsense any time soon…

    1. I've concluded that argument will not work. The evidence of his deceptions is all too apparent for those who will see it and from what I can learn they largely know and dismiss those lies. It's about belief and that's rather scary that such an obviously unreliable agent could engender such devotion, even from a small portion of the population. We need to make sure that the degradation he's brought to the highest office in the land does not infect other aspects of our culture. After Nixon there was a period of good government (better maybe is the better word) and we seem now far enough away from those days that the sins of those times have reappeared. I live in Kentucky, a state which uses more Medicaid than any other adjusted for population and Trump's health plan attacks those folks. My brother tells me he hears less Trump talk in the places he goes and once upon a time that was all there was, maybe that's a sign it's beginning to wain. I hope so.

      Rip Off

  2. Blasting with both barrels, Rip! I appreciate the optimistic tone of the last comment. Hopefully there is enough resistance in Kentucky to shake some of the House seats up next election. If you're looking for simpatico check this blog out.


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