Thursday, June 29, 2017

100 Days Of The King - Day 40

Forager, the Bug has proven to be one of the more popular denizens of Jack Kirby's Fourth World. He even has his own comic book as we speak during this centennial year. Kirby was fascinated by these colonies of "bug" cultures and the way in which the individual desires of person were sublimated to the larger cultural needs of the larger society. That's demonstrated dramatically in the scene above where "Prime One" the leader of the Bugs sacrifices himself to fulfill the requirements of the role.

Given more time, I'm sure we'd have seen much more of Forager. He gets to Earth and teamed up with Orion and Lightray, a contrary voice indeed to the high and might citizens of New Genesis.

Michael Allred's Bug

Rip Off


  1. In case you missed the limited series graphic novels, Forager also played an essential and exceedingly memorable role in Cosmic Odyssey.

    1. I read that story in trade and found it quite compelling. They seemed to have a handle on Forager, though I found Orion a bit too cold.

      Rip Off


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