Friday, June 23, 2017

100 Days Of The King - Day 34

"Kirby Krackle" is an aspect of Jack "King" Kirby's artwork we all thoroughly enjoy. Kirby found ways to make the reader feel the potency of the adventures he illustrated, whether it was the power of a punch in those Golden Age classics or in the Silver Age, the bristling dynamics of raw power. This image is inked by Frank Giacoia and inking was key to making the "Krackle"...well...crackle.

Here is the "Krackle" in a less colorful mode which allows you to see the individual motes which dance together to give us the greater sense of something more vibrant and tingling.

And here it is in blacklight form, a near perfect medium for this kind of art which attempts to codify for the eye that which is mostly felt and heard.

Rip Off

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