Sunday, June 4, 2017

100 Day Of The King - Day 15

The closest the renowned Simon and Kirby team ever got to drawing any of the classic Justice Society of America characters was when the duo was tapped to revise the venerable Sandman feature and bring the fedora wearing mystery man into the Golden Age of slam bang action as it had been redefined by the team. The gave him a partner named Sandy the Golden Boy, hung up his green suit and boxed up his gas mask and put the hero into a skintight golden suit with a purple mask and matching gloves and boots. He got a nifty weapon called a "Wirepoon" and he war ready to handle the weirdos the Simon and Kirby era threw at him. In these two dynamic splash pages they have Sandman and Sandy battle the  "Villain from Valhalla" the mighty Thor! 'Nuff Said!

Rip Off

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