Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Golden Derby - January 1967!

Fifty years ago this month the tranistion of Charlton was still very much ongoing. The new comic Ghostly Tales (not a new comic but a new title and for Charlton a new spin on a vintage genre) featured perhaps its most iconic cover with an exceedingly pale Mr. Dedd portrait. by Rock Mastroserio. Superheroes still are trying to break through as the new improved Captain Atom takes on two actual supervillains - Punch and Jewelee. They're not exactly earth-shakers but he does require the assistance of the lovely Nightshade to take them out. Blue Beetle is the back up making this one of the single best comics Charlton ever put on the stands. Steve Ditko was at the top of his game here, creative and full of vim and vigor for the genre. The Fightin' 5 wrap up their run as they take on a monster who looks not a little like Gorgo. Bill Montes and Ernie Bache supplied the interior art on a Joe Gill script but that delicious cover is by Rocke Mastroserio. Romance continues to be a regular thing for Charlton, one of their really reliable genres and this beautiful Dick Giordano cover for Romantic Story shows why. Finally this month we get a holiday treat called Holi-Day Surprise, but in actuality it's the final issue of the venerable Lil' Genius comic run, another instance of Charlton's remarkable talent to change titles but keep the numbering of its comics. It makes collecting Charlton a real experience. This Christmas special has a number of features but has a really neat version of "A Christmas Carol" with artwork by Tony Tallarico. It's worth tracking down.

More to come next month. 

Rip Off


  1. I had that Ghostly Tales. Love that Rocky Mastroserio Mr. Dedd cover; it is suitable for framing. Can’t make out the issue number but it was a beauty.

    1. Love it too. Used it as my avatar a time or two over the years. That issue sixty by the way.

      Rip Off


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