Monday, January 9, 2017

Silver Age Justice League Two!

In what I hope is at the very least an annual tradition I found the second volume in DC's right-sized and right-priced volume of Justice League of America adventures. With the avalanche of omnibus editions which percolate for seemingly any and all vintage series (including this one) I personally like a tome which I can actually lift without major stress to my lower lumbar region. This book is a perfect option.

It begins with the belated origin of the JLofA, a full nine issues into the run and longer still since their debut in The Brave and the Bold.

In the tenth issue we have the first clash with the sturdy Felix Faust, a magician of questionable skill who nonetheless seems to give the team a difficult time.

The Lord of Time turns up in the eleventh issue as are the three demons Abnegezar, Rath and Ghast as well.

Dr. Light is the villain de jour in the twelth issue, arguably the teams most stylish villain.

The existence of the universe itself is in the balance as the League must counter robot doppleganers in the thirteenth issue.

The Atom joins up in the fourteenth issue as the League must regain their memories and battle a gaggle of villainy led by Amos Fortune.

Alternate Earths are the subject of the day when Stone Giants invade the Earth. Only the League can do anything about it in the fifteenth installment.

The musical machinations of the Maestro are on hand as the League must counter some dangerous tunes in the sixteenth issue.

The Tornado Tyrant is the villain, a rampaging alien who will one day be a part of the League itself. But they don't know that in the seventeenth issue. Adam Strange is once again on hand.

The League descends into inner space where their newest recruit The Atom is able to take a hand in saving the day in the eighteenth issue of the series.

And finally in the nineteenth issue the League must answer for the evil deeds of deadly dopplegangers. The schemes of Doctor Destiny are afoot in this one.

All in all a rich collection of full-color and full-blooded Julie Schwartz edited Silver Age adventures by the nearly always clever Gardner Fox and the talented and nimble Mike Sekowsky.

Rip Off

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