Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Savage Wars!

Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon is a remarkable achievement. Not only has the now venerable Image Comic lasted for a few hundred issues, it's had an amazing consistency rarely matched in the field. Most creators drift away from even their most successful creations and allow other hands to take over the day to day, but Larsen has demonstrated a will to stand fast which is all too rare. I have to admit I've not followed the series, but recently when I was doing a tour of the cover gallery for the series I was impressed. And I stumbled across the very familiar cover image above for the two hundredth issue.

Clearly that image is an homage (and a noted one for sure) to this classic Jack "King" Kirby image showing Cap and Bucky kicking Nazi ass as they were wont to do back in the day.

This pencil image first appeared in the first volume of Jim Steranko's influential, incomplete, and visually impressive History of Comics.

Here's the original Kirby image graced with the inking of the late Dave Stevens. It's a keeper for certain. 

And here is a full-frontal image of the Savage Dragon cover sans the logo and other accoutrements we associate with such publications. Beauties!

Rip Off

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