Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mandrake The Magician - King Me!

One thing I have learned after years of dealing with Hermes Press is not to get in a hurry. The proposed publication dates for their collections are never accurate and usually off by several months if not years. Such was the case with the second Mandrake the Magician volume which reprinted the last of the King Comics renditions of the character from the later 60's. It's nice to finally have all of this King Comics material available in easy-to-read formats. Admittedly the volume is pretty highly priced relative to other tomes of its kind. Getting all the Mandrake stuff in one volume would've been prodigious but two volumes makes for two somewhat skimpy ones. Along with the final five issues of King's ten issue run we get the earlier 1956 Four Color outing from Dell Comics. Of all of the King Features characters, Mandrake has had the least success in the comic book world. His top hat and tails look has become a cliche and Lothar is a problem of course, at least visually.  But I'm glad to finally have the whole run, and maybe later I'll find time to sit down and read them all.

Here are the covers of the issues contained in this second volume.

Rip Off

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