Monday, November 30, 2015

Return To The Conquest Of The Comics Of The Apes!

And that wraps up a second month full of monkey business here at the Dojo. The ape has been a visual staple of comics from the very beginning, and famously a sales magnet for DC comics for several years. Hence we have a lot of vintage DC comic book covers in the gallery, especially issues of Strange Adventures. Here is a link to last year's gallery for those who feel the need for even more apes. Will I gather a third month of ape covers--time will tell. Enjoy!

Rip Off


  1. The cover of Strange Adventures #45 looks like a scene from Planet Of The Apes - did it come out before Pierre Boulle's novel ? I've been aware of the POTA novel for around 40 years but it wasn't until early last year that I finally read it.

    1. That issue of SA predates the Boule novel by eight years or so. I've read the Boule novel one time, and need to do it again.

      Rip Off


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