Saturday, November 7, 2015

Giants Of The Monster Movies!

Here is a post which is a leftover of sorts from last month's look at giant monsters. I asked myself which movies of the 21st Century showcased the best giant monsters and this is the list I came up with assembled in a dramatic countdown. (I might have given you a hint what I think is number one though.)

Spider-Man 3 begins the countdown at number twelve because of the utterly fantastic evocation of Sandman, who at one point in the movie becomes a terrifying giant sand creature who lumbers through the streets of New York City.

Number eleven is Hellboy which had the wonderful hero from Hell battling a Lovecraftian giant monster worm from another dimension.

Number ten is War of the Worlds which though starring Tom Cruise nonetheless offers a rousing romp version of the classic H.G. Wells novel. The movie is okay but the giant tripod machines are fantastic!

Number nine is The Day the Earth Stood Still which takes the classic robot Gort and transforms him into an even larger giant who is actually composed of countless deadly nanites. Gort's not on the screen nearly enough for me in favor of another robot -- Keanu Reeves.

The Transformers movies get a lot of grief, but darned if I don't find their hectic action-filled adventures entertaining. Giant robots fighting amongst themselves is pretty good stuff and come in at number eight. 

I looked forward to number seven, but the remake of King Kong by Peter Jackson was an overlong and ultimately kind of boring adventure. They did though give us a really convincing giant ape, who was loaded with personality.

Number six is Clash of the Titans which gave us the Kraken. Even better maybe is the sequel Wrath of the Titans.

At number five it's Peter Jackson again, this time with a stronger movie The Hobbit featuring the greatest of the giant dragons of literature - Smaug. The second film is the Smaug-filled one, but the poster for the third one makes him look great.

At number four is perhaps the first of these movies to be underrated. Reign of Fire is a fascinating movie about an Earth overrun by dragons who burn all they see, and about human beings trying to live among the ruins and the ash. Great dragons, great movie!

Number three is Cloverfield, a movie done in the found-footage style made popular by The Blair Witch Project. This one is a success, though I am always wanting a better look at the monster. Very enjoyable.

Number two is Pacific Rim, a blockbuster action flick with giant robots battling giant monsters. "Nuff said" as a wise man once uttered.

And lumbering in at number one is the "King of Monsters" Godzilla himself. The remake was fantastic and for this hoary monster fan made the greatest of the giant monsters feel real and threatening all over again. Loved it!

There's my list. What did I forget?

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