Thursday, November 12, 2015

Buyer Beware!

When I ran across this one-page story title "Sharp Salesman" in an issue of Charlton's 50's crime comic Racket Squad it seemed harmless enough, but then I noticed the address of the mail-order ad designed to swindle the unsuspecting mark.

There is no "Charlton, Connecticut" that I know of, but it is odd the company would use their own name in connection with such a scam.

Especially since this ad appears only a few pages after the story. I applaud the editor for wanting to save their readership from scams, but then this page gives me pause. You and I both know those "40 colorful plastic airplanes" are likely not going to be all that impressive. As for the stamp ad, I was frankly startled to discover that Kenmore Stamp Company still exists and is still hawking stamps. Take a look here.

Rip Off


  1. Didn’t Santangelo – the Charlton founder do prison time for some white collar offense? Thought I read that in one of the Two Morrows Charlton specials…Can’t recall specifics however. Knowing that, maybe the “Charlton Connecticut” mention was the work of a mischievous Charlton employee/work-for-hire dude having some fun at company expense.

    1. According to the legend the two guys who founded the company met in prison while doing time for some swindles. An echo of larceny and possible mob ties remain part of the Charlton legacy.

      Rip Off


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