Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The King's Spanish!

The pair of delightful images above are two sides to the same comic, one in English and the other in Spanish. The comic prints the same material twice, like the covers once in English and again in Spanish making immediate comparison possible. It's a good way to absorb a little language you're not familiar with.

The comic used was originally published not by King Comics, but by Charlton when they had the license to the stable of characters. In fact a total of four Charlton comics get this bi-lingual King treatment. The Blondie comic was the third in that run.

The first was this Beetle Bailey comic. See a small scan of its Spanish reverse cover below.

And here is the Charlton original.

Popeye the Sailor was the second comic in the four-issue run.

I couldn't locate a really good scan of the Spanish-language reverse cover, but here is a small snapshot of all four of the comics.

And here is the Charlton original.

The fourth and final installment in this run was Hi and Lois.

A fun Spanish version on the reverse.

And the equally entertaining Charlton original.

King Comics did several of these educational comics during this period, often making use of the talents at Derby, Connecticut. Here is a look at a run of Popeye comics which I cherish produced by George Wildman and his team for school use. And here is look at another education-influenced run by King Comics.

I'd like to get all four of these dual language comics. I have a couple, but not all. They are gems.

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