Sunday, January 18, 2015

OMAC #6 - The Body Bank!

OMAC Volume 1#6 written and drawn by Jack Kirby with inks and letters by D. Bruce Berry picks up the action from the previous issue.

OMAC and Buck Blue are on the trail of insidious body snatchers who don't wait for their victims to even die. OMAC is trying to bust up a futuristic body-donor ring which specializes in selling young bodies to old but exceedingly rich clients. To that end the duo invade the underground tunnels leading to the "Terminal" and they are set upon by a gang of mutated humans who haunt the way.

Throwing off the attack OMAC contacts Brother Eye for intel and for power to continue on his way. Using that satellite-delivered might he breaks into the gang's hideout and attempts to rescue the victims he finds. GPA (Global Peace Agents) arrive to assist with removing the victims from harm's way.

Then OMAC and Buck Blue board an ominous looking subway train and head down the tracks to Terminal, but the train itself proves to be a trap. OMAC uses his powers to escape deadly gas and later to confront the armed thugs who wait for the train car's arrival.

All the while the nefarious work at Terminal continues as doctors work to transfer the mind of an aged crime boss into a new young body. But OMAC arrives with devastating results and interrupts the procedure despite Buck Blue's last minute attempts to interfere, though he thinks the better of it. The kidnap victims are rescued from their frozen chambers and among them is Buck Blue's girlfriend.

Note the cover of this issue which shows that OMAC is on the B.M.T. Subway line (Brooklyn Manhattan Transfer). I looked at that and immediately thought of the sandwich. 

This is perhaps the most singularly odious story in the OMAC canon. There's little doubt that in the world in which we live a black market in donor organs exists, as those with resources succumb to truly evil means to save themselves. The ability of modern medicine to extend life for those who can afford the procedures will continue to put pressure on the fabric of society as we sadly continue to fragment into disparate cultures of haves and have-nots.

More OMAC to come next week.

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