Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Arrow Strikes!

Mort Todd graciously sent me a copy of the debut issue of The Charlton Arrow, that most rare of comic book items, a new comic featuring some of Charlton's greatest characters. I gleefully snapped open the package and got down to some joyful reading.

The first story by Paul Kupperbert with art by Rick Stasi and others is the first "Action Heroes" story in quite a few years. Of course since DC owns those characters now, the storytellers here had to be rather vague about who the atomic Captain was exactly in this offbeat sequel to "Showdown in Sunuria", the final Charlton Captain Atom story, originally published in Charlton Bullseye. The story also gives us glimpses of Yang, Gunmaster, and Willie Schultz.

Then we have the first chapter in a story featuring some of Charlton's vintage nurses, and the men they seek to heal. It's a hoot with the promise of more "romance" and hijinks. Also featured is a story by Lou Mougin with art by Mort Todd featuring a virtual armada of classic Charlton "Ghost Hosts". Dr. M.T.Graves, I.M. Dedd, Baron Weirwulf, Colonel Whiteshroud, Mort Tishin, Mr.Bones, The Old Witch, Winnie the Witch, Professor Coffin, Impy, Baroness Von Bludd, and many more suchlike have to deal with the aftermath of cancellation.

John Byrne submits a new poster shot of the Doomsday+1 crew (see above, but in the magazine it's in beauteous full color). Booksteve shows up with an article on vintage Charlton western stars. Johnny Love returns in an adventure or roadside romance and danger. There's even a delightful poster of a character who due to legal limitations might be called "Not-Kwite-Korg".

But the highlight of the volume for yours truly was the awesome story of Pat Boyette's Spookman. This time written by Roger McKenzie and drawn fantastically by Sandy Carruthers. No mere yarn of pleasurable nostalgia this, but a rock solid story of horror. There's more of this one to come in the next issue of The Charlton Arrow. I need to pre-order mine immediately.

All in all a frothy and fun package which I'm sure I'll read again and again.Thanks to all who made it possible.

Rip Off

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  1. Rip,
    So glad you enjoyed this first issue! I put a lot of sweat and even more tears into gathering the writers and artists together for this one. It took about a year to finally get into print, and even then I had to turn over the reigns to Mort and Roger so that it could be financed.
    This first issue was truly my baby, and I could not be more proud to have edited and assembled such a fine roster! But stay tuned for ish TWO, which is Mort and Roger's first full issue taking over the mantle of executive editors. There's some seriously awesome things coming up!


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