Thursday, May 29, 2014

Queen Of Outer Space!

Let me be blunt. Queen of Outer Space is a pretty tiresome movie. It's colorful at times and shiny in moments, but seems painfully to be about almost nothing at all, most especially adventure.

The story begins when a team of hearty Earth rocketeers are sent to a space station which gets blown up by a mysterious ray emanating from the planet Venus. The team crash land on Venus to discover a society of gorgeous dames ruled by a masked harridan, the titular Queen of Outer Space, who seeks to destroy the Earth just as she did the space station. Some of the society disagree and help the spacemen. After considerable running around the day is saved.

Zsa Zsa Gabor portrays the head of the opposition group which helps leading man Eric Fleming and his space crew of familiar Hollywood faces try and oppose the evil Queen. She's beautiful, but like almost every other chick in this flick, comes across as mostly concerned with appearance.

This movie is fundamentally bone-headed. The action, limited to interior sets, is listless and scene after scene drags on minutes longer than they should. This is a totally pointless movie, but sadly they take a very long time to reveal that.

I cannot recommend this movie at all. 

Rip Off


  1. Queen of Outer Space is on TCM late next Tuesday 6/3 at 4:45 am edt as the tailend of a night of sci-fi that starts with 2001 and Aliens and ends up with ZsaZsa.
    You're right, though, this movie is so bad that even MST3K couldn't save it.

    1. There's a thin line between campy good and just plain bad. This one crosses despite some exceedingly sexist and cheesy scenes because of its lumbering pace. Too slow for words! The Mummy would've caught these mopes!

      Rip Off


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