Tuesday, March 18, 2014

El Fantasma Del Espcacio!

I ran across this delightful Spanish language reprint of the one and only Gold Key Space Ghost comic book. This was published by Editorial Novaro in their long-running comic Domingos Allegres (which translates to "Cheerful Sunday"), a series which seems roughly equivalent to Dell's Four-Color series from years before.

Here's a good look at the vintage 1966 Gold Key original, a comic I added to my own collection only about a year ago now.

Below is a neat Spanish-language version of one of  El Fantasma Del Espacio's adventures, this one originally from an issue of Hanna-Barbera's Super TV Heroes.

And here's the cover of the Gold Key comic which featured the original English language story.

I adore Space Ghost, in whatever language I might discover him in.

Rip Off

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