Friday, March 14, 2014

Dream Catchers!

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

This is just one of the dandy Golden Age covers for Adventure Comics Jack Kirby and Joe Simon produced during their high-profile tenure at DC Comics. Their characters Sandman and Sandy here haunt the dreams of a villain who plots to invade the United States, but finds these stalwart heroes in his way.

Mike Machlan

That cover served as a wonderful inspiration for Mike Machlan for this issue of AC's Men of Mystery. Replacing Sandman and Sandy are former Fawcett heroes Mr.Scarlet and his sidekick Pinky the Whiz Kid. It's a reminder of just how ubiquitous these teams of adult male hero and brave teenager were during the Golden Age.

For another Simon and Kirby cover which served as inspiration for the talented Mr.Machlan see this.

Rip Off

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