Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Yeti Again And Again!

A cold winter day is a the perfect time to reflect on one of the grand mysteries of the Earth, the Abominable Snowman or Yeti. One of a number of mysteriously mythic creatures said to roam the planet, the Yeti snags the imagination in all manner of ways. Here are some Abominable Snowman comic covers which demonstrate that point.

Above is an exquisite Ken Kelly painting for Creepy magazine. The Yeti pictured there conforms to most of the classic tales about the elusive mountain monster.

Nick Cardy shows an "Abominable Snowman" of a slightly different sort, but one no less dangerous for the Man of Steel.

Jim Aparo creates a typically dramatic confrontation here between the Snowman and the Batman.

Bob Oksner's hilarious Snowman seems quite antic and does for Jerry Lewis what many have imagined themselves doing over the decades.

Daffy seems typically unaware of his surroundings as he misinterprets a cautionary sign.

Scooby and Shaggy find monsters everywhere, so stumbling up against the Yeti was unavoidable.

Bigfoot is the North American cousin of the classic Yeti, and here Ernie Colon shows a clash between that beast and Super Richie.

The Black Panther under the hand of Jack Kirby had some pretty wild adventures for a short time, and the Yeti was just one more of those.

The clash between the Snowman and the the Incredible Hulk is an inevitable outcome. This abominable creature looks like it can hold its own against Jadejaws.

Steve Austin mixed it up with the Yeti, sort of, but as usual with him it turned to be at least a six-million dollar hoax.

Even the Big Boy himself finds the Snowman a nemesis, though I suspect all is well in the end.

Leave it to Scrooge McDuck to find a different kind of Yeti, one with more than a dash more style.

This classic Atlas monster by Jack Kirby cover shows off a giant "Abominable Snowman", who has an incredibly bizarre secret. To know more, see this and then this at Atomic Kommie Comics.
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