Monday, January 20, 2014

Tarzan - The Beckoning!


For a few years in the early 90's Malibu Comics had the license to the Tarzan properties. In cooperation with Semic Interational three limited series were produced. All of them were vigorous portrayals of the Ape Man, but the most completely successful was likely the seven-part story illustrated by Tom Yeates and written by Yeates and Henning Kure titled "The Beckoning".

This sprawling yarn offers up Jane and Tarzan in Los Angeles battling poachers, discovering a new hidden culture in another dimension, and such like. Many purists object to the Malibu/Semic comics as not being sufficiently Burroughsian, but I liked them fine. They added some salt to a character who can with too much fidelity to tradition become stale very quickly, as Burroughs discovered himself and the later novels prove all too well.

I'm not aware that this story has ever been collected, but it certainly should be. It's a Tarzan story worth the time and effort to discover for yourself, if only for the beautiful Yeates artwork.

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