Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tarzan And The Star Of Gold!

For a short time during the roaring 60's, there was a notion that some of the material by Edgar Rice Burroughs had fallen into public domain. That belief led to the handsome ACE paperbacks and a short run of comic book adaptations by Joe Gill and Sam Glanzman among others for Charlton Comics. Then the folks at the ERB estate called out the dogs and put a stop to all this activity. They were successful, but not before some really fascinating material was developed and put before a public clearly clamoring for more Burroughs, in particular more of his signature creation Tarzan.

But not only had Charlton published some comics, they also cranked out some new Tarzan novels under their "Gold Star Books" brand. These five fascinating books, all sporting some evocative titles are still with us despite a court order they be destroyed. The books were written by the husband and wife team of Peter T. Scott and Peg O'Neill Scott. under the pen name of "Barton Werper" and are not by reputation at least the most refined examples of American literature. The juicy pulpish covers are by Jack Endeweldt.

Dark Horse reprinted the unauthorized comics last year (see below). It would be juicy indeed if some enterprising chaps might talk the ERB folks into allowing these fascinating yarns to discover a broader audience. Where's the harm? Seems like we'd all win. Who wouldn't want to see ERB's mighty Ape Man battle the legendary Abominable Snowman? I sure would!

The titles in the series are Tarzan and the Silver Globe, Tarzan and the Cave City, Tarzan and the Snake People, Tarzan and the Abominable Snowmen, and Tarzan and the Winged Invaders. Click on the titles above for a description of each novel.

Below are the best scans for these illicit Tarzan books I could find.

And here is another look at the "unauthorized" Tarzan comics Charlton produced at this same time.

You can still get a copy under an action-filled Sam Glanzman cover Dark Horse.

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