Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Lost Pages Of Stone!

I hear that Dynamite Comics is about to unleash yet another incarnation of the vintage Gold Key character Turok Son of Stone. I'll have more to say on that matter at a later date. (Though I read he will be a young warrior and not the stern, experienced mature adult which makes the character fascinating and different...sigh.) But what I want to focus on today is the end of the original run. The series which began under the Dell banner in the early 50's became a mainstay series for Dell and later Gold Key running until the brand itself disappeared in the 80's. The last issue was the one above, issue one hundred and thiry. But apparently the end came so abruptly that work was still in the pipeline.

This page by the Alberto Giolitti studio was clearly intended for the never-to-be-published one hundred and thirty-first issue of the Turok. If you want to see more pages go here.

And the cover above is a mock up for the unpublished one hundred and thirty-second issue. The artwork on this one appears to my eye to be by Tony DeZuniga.

Here's the original artwork, which might suggest that DeZuniga inked the pencils of Jack Sparling who did the final published cover. And as it turns out did a full story for the unpublished issue itself.

This one oddly is for sale on Amazon. Look it up. I have to admit I'm tempted to get a glimpse of this lost Turok, a comic story as seemingly footloose as its lead characters.

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