Saturday, December 7, 2013

Case Of The Gaslight Ghastlies!

Try as I might, I cannot really control my reading. I venture from tale to tale, yarn to yarn as my interests take me, despite any long term plan I might've concocted to read this volume or peruse that tome. Lately I've stumbled back into reading some heady Sherlock Homes pastiches, especially those which pit the hyper-logical denizen of 221B Baker Street against things that go bump in the night. These like as not don't turn out to be bogus Baskerville hounds, but truly awful creatures of the beyond.

To that end I've ordered up and got in the mail just yesterday Gaslight Grimoire - Dark Tales of Sherlock Holmes, a collection of stories which pit Holmes and his ever faithful biographer Dr. John Watson against some terrible beasties, or at least claim to do. This winter storm has hit, giving me some unexpected extra reading time.

But as soon as I ordered that volume I became aware of two sequels, Gaslight Grotesque - Nightmare Tales of Sherlock Holmes and Gaslight Arcanum - Uncanny Tales of Sherlock Holmes. Unless the first volume is much worse than I expect, I will have to get hold of these too. Writers never ever seem to tire of writing a good Sherlock  Homes mystery, even those that plumb unknown and perhaps even unknowable depths.

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