Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fright Sight!

In the waning days of the fitfully brief Atlas-Seaboard comic book company they threw a lot of comics at the reader in a rather desperate attempt to gain some traction in the marketplace. It didn't work.

One of those late-coming comics was Fright #1 (and only) which featured an above average story about the "Son of Dracula" who wishes to fight his heritage but has a rough go of it. For more details go here.

What made this one stand out was the presence of Frank Thorne as the artist. Thorne's work always has a vitality about it which makes it engage the reader. He knows how to draw an alluring lanky dame too.

Above is a cover for The Comic Reader by Thorne hyping the one-shot series. It's an attractive and compelling image, making one wish Atlas-Seaboard had been better able to support the ideas they gave birth to.

Rip Off

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