Monday, June 3, 2013

Turok, Son Of Gold!

It was in this 1973 Golden Comics Digest where I got to enjoy the earliest adventures of Turok and Andar for the first time. This beautiful little comic gathered together several of the stories from the debut Four Color issues along with an Indian Chief story. The stories were by Gaylord Dubois as usual and the artwork was by Rex Maxon and others, all under this dynamic and dramatic Mo Gollub cover painting.

Here's that cover art as it appeared originally on the ninth issue of Turok, Son of Stone. That particular issue of Golden Comics Digest went a long way to making me a confirmed and lasting Turok fan.

On another note, it's a shame that Dark Horse has apparently ceased their reprinting of the Turok stories. I treasure and value what they did get into print, but I wish they'd continue the series as there are some incredibly fine stories yet to represent.

Rip Off


  1. As a kid I enjoyed Turok too. I still have some of the old issues. I thought about picking up the Dark Horse collect book, but haven't yet. Added the animated movie to my Netflix as well, though I'd love to see a live action film about Turok.

    1. Turok is one of the great comic book heroes. Often overlooked, his lengthy run spoke to an audience which tapped into the adventures in a fundamental way. Recent attempts to revive the character overstate his capacity for churlishness, which always an element was softened by his true nobility.

      Rip Off


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