Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Spider - Master of Men!

The  Spider is one pulp hero I've read only a few stories about. I was attracted to this project from Moonstone a few years ago for two reasons, the writer is Martin Powell, a guy I have confidence in when it comes to characters like these and the first issue was drawn by Pablo Marcos, one of the great comic book artists. It's likely just as well I didn't get this series, as Marcos only did one issue and the three-part story never was completed with only two issues hitting the stands. Now it seems that is about to be remedied, at least to some extent. Here's the solicitation for this upcoming October:

The Spider: Master of Men
Story: Martin Powell
Art: Hannibal King, Pablo Marcos
Cover: Dan Brereton
7” x 10”, grayscale, 106pgs, $12.95
**Includes the never-before-published issue #3, and a brand new illustrated short story!**
The original Spider, the most ruthless and relentless crime fighter of all time, (hated by both the Law and the Underworld) mows down crime in these Moonstone pulp action tales!
This volume also includes reprints “The Spider #1 & #2
“Return of the Monsters: The Spider vs Werewolf”, The Spider XMAS , plus the prose short story “City of the Melting Dead”.
*includes a foreword by Elizabeth Bissette, the great niece of the man who wrote the majority of original Spider tales: Norvell Page!

Now that sounds like a robust collection at a reasonble price.It might be time to read some more Spider.

Here are the potent Dan Brereton covers some of the material included in this volume.  

Rip Off

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