Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stoned Age Warrior!

Naza Stone Age Warrior was another of Dell's time-lost warriors. Set in the "Stone Age" it follows the eponymous hero as he battles a wide range of "enraged beasts" as we are told explicitly on the last two issues. There was some attempt to be true to the time period in the early issues but that gave to way to more exotic and outlandish threats as the series ran its course from 1964 to 1966. The artwork in all the issues was by the reliable if not always exciting Jack Sparling and the scripting handled by Turok mainstay Paul S. Newman. The early painted covers appear to be by Vic Prezio. Later there's a Gil Kane tucked in there alongside the rest by Sparling himself. Sparling even stuck his signature onto a few of them, a real departure for Dell. I've picked up a few Naza comics in the discount bins and they are adequate comics for this period of Dell, reasonably well crafted but somewhat bland.

Rip Off

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