Thursday, June 13, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness!

Let me not mince words. I loved Star Trek Into Darkness. It was exciting, filled with action, great characters sequences, and the most mind-boggling visuals of the Starship Enterprise I've ever seen.

This reboot by J.J.Abrams and crew has been wildly successful in my eyes, not just financially I suppose, but critically. The blood and thunder of the original series is evident. If anything hurt the later adaptations of the series it was a seeming rejection of the pulp aspects of the science fantasy show they were presenting and a reliance on colder science fiction with all the remoteness that can result in. There was a cool detachment both in the characters and the presentation which was slick and handsome and often entertaining, but missed somehow the raw essence which drove the original show.

This crew has found that visceral edge, and they play it up for all it's worth. The story here is non-stop, something I love in a good escapist movie. I didn't look at my watch once, and in fact didn't think about my watch until after the show. I even love the musical score of this flick so much I sat through the credits not necessarily to read them, but to simply enjoy the music. That's entertainment!

I will say nothing about this movie's plot because the secrets and echoes of stories past are too pleasant to spoil. The viewer here is in a for a thrill ride, and an adventure with scope and heart. From the quiet despair of the father of a dying child to the rockem' sockem' of a hyperspace shootout, this movie delivers the goods. Get a ticket, get a seat, and then hold onto it.

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