Monday, June 24, 2013

Monarch Of Monster Isle!

Kona, Monarch of Monster Isle, like Turok began as an installment of Dell's Four Color series. After one issue though it was immediately launched as an individual title and went on to become one of Dell's most successful series. The cliched premise of a group of misplaced modern folk aided and abetted by a robust and benevolent prehistoric muscle man kicks off this tale, but soon the series moves somewhat beyond this and Kona traveled all over the planet. The series apparently had a cliffhanger aspect which proved popular and brought the fans back.

No less a draw was the typically fine artwork by veteran Sam Glanzman. The covers, most of them by Vic Prezio were also attractive reasons to pick up an issue. Later Glanzman did the covers himself save for one offbeat issue done by Gil Kane. The series lasted from 1962 to 1967, a healthy Silver Age run. This series deserves collection, it deserves to be seen and appreciated by modern audiences.

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